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Calls, texts, & emails sent to BOTH parents at the same time.

Plus tools for shared expenses, custody swaps, and shared files.

No need to coordinate!

Since Co-Parent HubTM sends your calls/texts/emails to both parents, you no longer need to pass information along to your co-parent. Both parents know everything, instantly!

Calls, texts, & emails delivered instantly to BOTH parents

Co-Parent Hub makes communication MUCH easier. When you sign up, you get a Co-Phone and a Co-Email that you put on file with the school, pediatrician, dentist, or even parents of your kids’ friends. When they need to get in touch, they use that info and Co-Parent Hub will route the call/text/email to BOTH co-parents at the same time.

This means no missed messages and no being left in the dark.

Plus, since they now only have the one number for the both of you, there’s no way for them to call the wrong co-parent, and everyone stays informed!

No More Confusion

How many times have you been left in the dark because the school called the other parent, and you never got the message? How many appointments have you missed because the doctor’s office coordinated with your other co-parent but not you?

What about the receipt for the winter jacket you paid for? Did you get reimbursed for that? Did you submit the receipt to your co-parent for the team uniforms? These sorts of things are really hard to keep track of with everything co-parents have going on.

Somehow, with all the technology humans have these days, we can’t seem to keep co-parents informed.


Easy tracking of joint expenses and time-swaps

While communication is the root of most arguments, a close second and third are finances and custody. We’ve got you covered here too!

By simply entering each joint expense into Co-Parent Hub, you can keep track of which expenses have been submitted and which have been reimbursed.

Plus, there’s no need to settle every single transaction. With just a single payment you can settle up the outstanding balance with your co-parent.

Trading custody time is handled similarly. You can request extra time when needed and the other co-parent gets to bank the IOU. Then, when that other co-parent needs a swap, s/he can redeem the banked time. This way, you’re not having to work out both sides of a swap every time you need an accommodation.

What Can Co-Parent Hub Do For You?


Co-Phone rings both co-parents simultaneously and whoever picks up first will be given the call. Upon call completion, a recording of the call is then delivered to all co-parents, keeping everyone in the know.

No more missed appointments or not knowing that the school called. Everyone is in the loop.


Co-Text helps you ensure that you’re never left in the dark from missing SMS messages. When a text message is sent to your Co-Text line, the message will be automatically delivered to you and your co-parent. Messages will go right into your favorite messaging app, just like any other text message. Easy!


Co-Email splits incoming emails so that both parents receive the message. This keeps everyone informed about doctor appointments, school events, sports updates, requests for play dates, or whatever else you receive by email.

No need to sync up with your other co-parent. Co-Parent Hub takes care of it all.


Co-Expense keeps you and your co-parent synced up on shared expenses. Rather than having to deal with every receipt separately, Co-Expense keeps a running total of who has paid more. This way, a single payment can settle up all your expenses, keeping everything fair and equitable, but skipping the headache!


With Co-Swap, coordinating custody swaps are a piece of cake.

When you need some extra custody time, you enter the request into Co-Swap. Your co-parent’s lost time goes into the Swap Bank to be redeemed later. In the future, your co-parent can then redeem time when the need arises. Co-Swap keeps track of the time owed, and scheduling becomes much easier.


Co-Files gives you a safe place to upload and store documents like your custody agreement, support orders, or scheduling documents. Files that are useful to both you and your co-parent can be easily found and referenced when needed.

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